Shaping the Future of Cancer Therapies

NuCana® is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing and commercialising novel anti-cancer medicines. With its next generation of anti-cancer agents (nucleotide analogues), NuCana is setting new benchmarks for innovative treatments. NuCana is transforming cancer agents (nucleoside analogues) into better and safer medicines that overcome key resistance mechanisms.

Our state-of-the-art ProTide technology ensures that significantly more active agent is being generated within the cancer cells. ProTides are designed to bypass widespread resistance pathways and should therefore benefit many patients with cancer.

NuCana has a wide ProTide technology pipeline with several new families in late stage non clinical development.

NuCana has reached an exciting stage of its growth having now completed the primary objective of the clinical Phase I study with its first new medicine, Acelarin® (NUC-1031). The company has already entered an expansion stage at the recommended Phase II dose to further assess the efficacy and safety of Acelarin in selected tumour types. Registration studies are being planned for pancreatic, biliary, ovarian and non-small cell lung cancers.