Shaping the Future of Cancer Therapies

NuCana® is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing an expansive portfolio of new medicines to treat cancer. We are harnessing the power of phosphoramidate chemistry to generate new medicines which we call 'ProTides' . These compounds have the potential to create a paradigm shift in cancer treatment by markedly enhancing the efficacy and safety of several current standards of care. The unique feature of our ProTides is their ability to overcome the key innate and acquired resistance mechanisms associated with nucleoside analogues.

Gilead's ProTides, Sovaldi® and TAF, have clearly shown the potential of this new class of medicines for anti-viral therapy. NuCana has worldwide exclusive rights to the novel ProTide technology for the clinically most important anti-cancer nucleoside analogues.

NuCana's first ProTide, Acelarin®, has shown durable, 93%+ disease control in two separate studies of patients with advanced ovarian cancer who had exhausted all other therapeutic options. Acelarin is currently in a Phase III study in pancreatic cancer, a Phase Ib study in biliary cancer, and will shortly enter a Phase II study in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer.

Our second ProTide, NUC-3373, has recently entered the clinic and aims to replace 5-FU treatment for colorectal, breast and other cancers. We anticipate our third ProTide, NUC-7738, will enter the clinic in 2017 and have several other ProTide families progressing through non-clinical evaluation.

NuCana is led by an experienced management team and is backed by leading life sciences investors including Sofinnova Partners, Sofinnova Ventures and Morningside Ventures.